Our Approach
Our approach is simple and guided by international standards to keep things clear and set expectations right from the first engagement with our customer. For Systeme Design Engineering services we are bound to ISO/IEC standards such as ISO/IEC 15288:2015 and we leverage in digital collaboration platforms to keep our customers always connected to the level of progress WBG has with the task on hand. We will walk through a process of few steps with our clients for every service we provide for example:
Engineering Studies
1. Understanding of the need
2. Formulation of need and definition of pre-requisites
3. Definition of the scope of work and deliverables as per applicable standard
4. Assignment of resources with the right set of capabilities
5. Execution of the activity
6. Production of Deliverables
Project Based System Engineering
1. Definition of Project Scope of Work (Concept Design, Basic Design, Detail Design, etc.)
2. Team definition based on required capabilities
3. Project Execution
                          Summary of Project Activity Life Cyclewiredbox-graphic2

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