Engineering Studies

Our breadth of skills and areas of expertise allow us to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions on Power Supply System Engineering

Grid Connection Studies

Based on the region the requirements imposed by local Grid Code differs. To meet the stringent requirements imposed different types of simulation studies and calculations may be required. Our core competencies include:

  • Steady state analysis – Load Flows and, Short Circuit Studies.
  • Transient analysis – balanced and unbalanced fault studies, contingency analysis, load and generator trip studies etc.
  • Power systems stability analysis – Transient stability and small signal stability analysis.
  • Control system design – PSS and AVR design to damp intra, inter and local mode of oscillations.
  • Design of VAr compensation devise (STATCOMs, SVCs).
  • Generator and load connection studies for grid compliance.
  • Solar and wind farm studies for grid connection and islanded mode of operation.
  • Harmonic Studies, Switching Surge and Voltage Flicker Studies for Grid Code compliance and propose mitigation solutions.
  • Protection and Insulation Coordination Studies.

EMC Studies

WiredBox EMC Engineering prides itself on providing cost-effective solutions to our customers’ needs in the disciplines of EMC, EMI. Our breadth of skills and areas of expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions for EMC compliance. We at WiredBox adopt a detailed top-down compliance process to meet the stringent requirements imposed regarding EMC and EMI.

  • EMC Management: EMC project management from concept to achievement of compliance.
  • EMC Documentation: EMC Management Plans; EMC Site Survey Method Statements.
  • EMC/EMI Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis as part of Intra-System or Inter-System Analysis; EMC Test Plans and Reports.
  • EMC Site Surveys: Desktop EMC Site Survey to identify various EMC/EMI hazards to and the system or due to the system to external environment.
  • EMC/EMI Computational Models and Software for the simulation of signal integrity.
  • EMC/EMI analysis of cable harnesses and design, and analysis of static.
  • Low-frequency EM applications such as motors, sensors, actuators, transformers, and shielding enclosures.

Our engineers and consultants have experience in EMC/EMI simulation packages such as CST SUITE, CDEGSATP/EMTP.

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