Engineering Design

Integrated design capabilities to meet your diverse needs

Concept Design Engineering

  • Detailed Technology review.
  • Development and optimization of Conceptual Power System Architecture based on Design and operational requirements.
  • Power systems planning studies to optimize the investment and reliability.
  • Selection of Voltage Levels and Network configuration.

Basic Design Engineering

  • Development of Single line diagrams for HV, MV and LV power system.
  • Grid Code compliance.
  • Power Simulation Studies Steady state analysis – Load Flows and, Short Circuit Studies.
  • Transient analysis – balanced and unbalanced fault studies.
  • Transient Recovery Voltage analysis.
  • Definition and Sizing of MV and LV Equipment’s based on above simulation and studies (includes Transformer, MV and LV Switchgear sizing and Cables ampacity calculations).
  • Protection Coordination and Grading Studies. Insulation Coordination and Lightning Protection Studies.
  • Earthing and Bonding Calculations to meet the Step and Touch Potential requirements and designing of Earth Grids.

Detailed Design Engineering

  • Definition of detailed Technical specification of the main equipment including functional specifications and incorporating the specific requirements of codes and standards as per Client Requirements.
  • Preparation of RFQ packages for the main equipment.
  • Development of Equipment layouts and Civil works guide plans.
  • Detailed Cable Routing respecting the EMC cabling constraints.
  • Preparation of Field Wiring Diagram for Installation and Commissioning.

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